Neri Capital Partners, founded in 2006, and headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, is recognized as a boutique investment bank that provides advisory services to privately held micro-cap and lower mid-market businesses. The Firm has earned a reputation of providing Clients impartial advice, in-depth analysis, transactional expertise, all completed in an environment of absolute confidentiality.

This experience has prepared Neri Capital Partners as uniquely qualified to offer Clients a variety of advisory services to both business owners and/or shareholders. The Firm provides the following advisory services: Mergers and Acquisitions (sell-side and buy-side): Business Valuations: Raising Debt / Equity Expansion Capital: Buy-Side Business Searches: and, Exit Planning for Business Owners.

Neri Capital Partners is sector agnostic and has over a decade of extensive experience across multiple market sectors. The Firm’s engagement criteria are businesses that have positive cash flow, and an annual revenue from $1.0 to $60.0 million.  Since Neri Capital Partners inception, they have achieved exceptional results and have closed over 130 transactions, and advisory engagements.  

Transparency - Independence - Accountability 

Atlanta, Georgia

About Neri Capital Partners

Specializing in Mergers and acquisitions

Since Neri Capital Partners' Clients have worked hard and smart to grow their business, they deserve a firm that operates with the highest ethical standards delivered by an experienced Advisory Team with demonstrated success. Neri Capital Partners meets that criteria, as well as recognizing Neri professionals are the Firm's greatest Asset.  To maintain a high level of talented employees, Neri Capital Partners uses a rigorous due diligence process to select individuals that will make a difference.  Rest assured, the Firm’s approach is not to fit the Client into a process, but to customize a strategy that is developed to meet their objectives and maximize the value the Client has created.

Finally, Neri Capital Partners has a fundamental obligation to act in the best interest of their Clients.  They maintain a belief that they owe a duty of undivided loyalty and utmost good faith.  This high standard aligns Neri Capital Partners with their Clients as they seek to grow, improve financial performance, divest, or seek total liquidity for their business.  

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