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Inevitability, in the tenure of a privately owned business, there is a point in-time when owners will transfer their business to the next generation of ownership. Frequently, Neri Capital's professionals discover that most Sellers are unprepared for the steps required in a transaction process, especially if the business owner has not previously sold or acquired a business.  Neri Capital’s knowledgeable and experienced professionals will educate and seamlessly guide Sellers or Buyers through the transaction process.

What could be a stressful process is mitigated by Neri Capital assisting and advising Sellers or Buyers in identifying and achieving their objectives. Once engaged, and if the client is a Seller, Neri Capital will recommend other professionals; these professionals include a tax accountant, attorney with trust fund experience, transaction attorney, and a wealth manager, Each professional, in combination with Neri Capital will add-value with their respective ​expertise by developing and executing a well conceived transaction strategy.

Since Neri Capital recognizes that Buyers and Sellers begin negotiations from opposite ends of the spectrum, the firm is able to articulate a compelling investment considerations to Buyers or Sellers.

Neri Capital's professionals have earned a reputation in providing an unbiased perspective in marketing to the best buyers,  (the existing management team, private equity firms or corporations), how best to position the business as a compelling investment opportunity, and how to structure and negotiate the sale that benefits the client' objectives, not Neri Capital's.

Neri Capital Partners is a leading Independent Investment Bank and Advisory firm with significant transaction experience and provides micro-cap and lower mid-market family and privately owned businesses with a variety of advisory services.  The firm's transaction and advisory services dates back to the founding of the firm in 2006, Today, the firm has earned a reputation of being a "trusted" advisor providing well-developed customized solutions in meeting their client's objectives.

Each of Neri Capital's Principals are known for their transaction experience in representing business owners.. In addition, confidentiality is a hallmark of Neri Capital's transaction process, and is at the core of their operating philosophy.

The firm brings to an engagement a Team of professionals who have experience across a broad spectrum of market sectors; intellectual capital, creative thinking, and problem-solving approaches.  In addition, Neri Capital provides an unwavering commitment in positioning clients' interest first. 

Independence:.  Neri Capital's independent status means that nothing stands in the way of serving their clients'.  A long history of meaningful relationships, deep industry knowledge, and focused expertise, enables Neri Capital to provide sound advise and support in an often turbulent, constantly evolving business environment.

Intellectual Capital:  Senior members of Neri Capital's Team devote themselves to personally serving client's needs. The firm's Principals has on average, 20 years' experience in advising clients. This deep pool of intellectual capital gives the firm exceptional insight into their clients' needs, and an intuitive grasp of the right strategic solution, and transaction structure.

Innovation:  Neri Capital delivers innovative solutions to their clients' most challenging and complex needs. Their broad experience and unconventional wisdom allow the firm Principals to develop solutions; such as creative deal structures or alternative financing vehicles for Buyers.


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