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Advantages of Neri Capital Partners' QDF

  • Saving our Clients countless hours and resources by pursing only potential target that have been vetted and pre-screened by Neri Capital Partners;
  • Having an exclusive negotiating position with Sellers since Neri Capital Partners will present you businesses that are not on the public market;
  • Preparing an executive summary that give you a through “snap-shot” of the business historical financials, management team, marketing plan and strategies;
  • Neri Capital Partners will complete and provide you a business valuation with a accompanying report that will give you the market value as; a) Asset; b) Enterprise; c) Equity; and d) Liquidation Values.  In addition, the report identifies 13 key metric that shows the business as overperforming; underperforming or meeting industry standards, as compared to other businesses with the same NACIS code;
  • Having an experienced transaction Advisor educating and preparing the Seller for the transaction process;
  • Inviting, with your approval, a transaction attorney to represent you with drafting and negotiating the LOI and Definitive Purchase Agreement.. 
  • Coordinating the delivery of requested due diligence documents, in a timely manner, and keeping the Seller focused on closing;
  • Quickly developing a trust relationship with Sellers since Neri Capital Partners’ Principals are also entrepreneurs that have owned and exited their own business.

Buy-side Searches

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Neri Capital Partners has developed a process to guide potential clients in acquiring the right business that meets their financial capability and level of management experience. To identify the right business that meets a Client specification does not come easily, because more often than not, the information is driven by disjointed software systems, disorganization, and the difficulty connecting in a meaningful dialogue with business owners that must be characterized by mutual trust.  Neri Capital Partners has developed a proven process that will identify the right business for you\ to acquire.  We call it QDF (Quality Deal Flow)

The majority of the businesses we identify for our Clients are not on the public market. Using a database we select all businesses that meet your specifications i.e., a) sector; b) revenue size; c) products; d) employees; and e) geography, etc, and make personal contact with the business owner on your behalf.  After identifying our Client to the potential Seller, and if their is interest in going to the next step, we execute a Confidentiality Agreement, and request from the Seller quantitative and qualitative information regarding their business.  With this information we write an executive summary of this business, and present to our client.  Our Client makes the decision to go / no go.  Please click here for the  tasks and timeline in Neri Capital Partners' Buy-side process.

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For additional information, and to have a "no-cost' consultation with a Neri Capital Partners Buy-side Advisor, please contact Eric Togneri, Managing Partner,