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Qualifications for a career with neri capital partners



Eric L. Togneri


10 Cloister Cove · Newnan, GA  30265

Home: (770) 463-9171 · Mobile: (678) 764-1732


CPG Sales and Marketing Leader –

National Sales, Shopper Marketing, Trade Finance, Trade Promotion/Planning,

Category Development, Analytics/Insights



Professional Experience


The Neri Group, LLC (December 2012 to present)

As Founder/Managing Partner, provides 3rd Party Consulting and Training, CPG Thought Leadership, and CPG Trade Association Strategic Advisory Services

IBM Corporation  via Zero Chaos (March 2014 – July 2014)
IBM BAO is the largest Analytics and Process Optimization organization in the world. Success with business analytics requires more than the data and algorithms. It requires a company culture committed to using information for breakthrough ideas and operations.
Sr. Consultant (Independent Contract) - Business Analytics and Optimization

Responsibility for Consumer Products solutions to the Scotts Miracle-Gro corporation
Serving customers in the Home Improvement (Home Depot, Lowes, Ace Hardware) and Mass (Wal-Mart, Target) channels
Crafted strategy for product expansion beyond core categories where dominant market share led to a need for brand extension

Neri Capital Partners (December 2012 to present)

Investment banking firm focused on micro-cap healthcare, environmental, business services, aerospace, and construction industry transactions and valuations.  


President & Managing Partner (See Description Below)


sanofis-aventis; Chattem, Inc.  (November 2010 to November 2012)

A $44 Billion/year global pharmaceutical manufacturer of Rx, Consumer, and Animal Healthcare products.  Chattem is a wholly owned consumer healthcare company serving the North American market with household brands including Allegra, ACT, Gold Bond, Cortizone-10, Unisom, Icy Hot, Bull Frog, and Selsun Blue.


Director, Sales Planning and Shopper Marketing

Designed and led a newly created planning department with primary responsibility for Trade Promotion, Trade Finance, Shopper Marketing, and Internal Planning covering all Chattem Brands and Retail Partners
Key responsibilities included spearheading Trade Finance process and integration across a billion dollar portfolio, shopper marketing programs and research, training and developing sales and marketing managers in conducting marketing mix investment analysis, developing trade promotion management best practices, monitoring 4Ps, and managing new and existing portfolio program development
Primary TPM/DP driver for Chattem coordinating internal/external stakeholders bridging C-Level sales, marketing, research, finance, legal, procurement and their respective teams
Initiated a Trade Investment oversight process that included forward projections, post-investment analysis and goal-setting to improve cost-to-serve efficiencies
Created the strategic plan and provided oversight of the trade execution for the Allegra Rx to OTC switch and the creation of the 2012 and 2013 Allegra Shopper Marketing plan
Developed and provided oversight for Go-to-Market strategies and channel plans covering all portfolio initiatives for 2012 and 2013





The Neri Group, LLC (May 2005 to October 2010)

As Founder/Managing Partner, provides 3rd Party Consulting and Training, CPG Thought Leadership, CPG Trade Association Strategic Advisory Services, and Boutique Investment Banking.


Neri Consulting

Sr. Consultant (Independent Contract) – Miscellaneous Projects (May 2005 to October 2010)

Pfizer Consumer (now J&J) – Out of Home: External project lead for creating On-the-Go solutions for brands such as Listerine, Benadryl, and Visine
Unilever – Category Management Training on perpetual planning process for entire North American team in conjunction with ROI
American Marketing Enterprises – Go-to-market strategy for Rubbermaid License in Trash Bag category


Category Management Association (September 2005 to October 2010)

The exclusive trade association serving the disciplines of category management and shopper insights


Principal, Strategic Advisory Board

Thought leader and speaker for Category Management Association, IIR, and GMDC National Events
Member of the association advisory board providing strategic direction and industry expertise and perspective

Neri Capital Partners (May 2005 to October 2010)

Investment banking firm focused on micro-cap healthcare, environmental, business services, aerospace, and construction industry transactions and valuations.  


President & Managing Partner

Established Exit Planning consulting practice; Certified Exit Planner by the Exit Planning Institute to serve as a trusted advisor to current and potential clients
Specialized in business development connecting private equity and high net worth individuals with private business owners to meet their mutual enterprise and property investment objectives

Engaged by top firms including Sorenson Capital (Spin-off of Bain Capital), MCM Capital (Leading micro-cap equity group in Mid-West) and ZP Enterprises (Fund established by CEO of Martin-Marietta)


Wyeth; Wyeth Consumer Healthcare (now Pfizer) (October 1999 - April 2005)

An international pharmaceutical manufacturer of Rx, Consumer, and Animal Healthcare products.  Experience spanned from Wal-Mart to Main Street….All channels for Wyeth Brands including Advil, Centrum, Caltrate, Robitussin, Dimetapp, Preparation H and ChapStick.


Director, Trade Planning and Promotion, January 2004 – April 2005

Chosen by the organization to lead a newly created Trade Planning department with oversight of a $150MM budget and $1.8B in domestic revenues and the foundation for Pfizer Shopper Marketing

Led a seven person directly managed team charged with the development of the shopper marketing strategies for brands such as Centrum, Caltrate, Advil, Robitussin and ChapStick
Personally devised the concept and process for the strategic Event P&L, a tool that merges syndicated data, market research and full event costing.  Successful application of ABC costing principles resulted in enterprise-wide roll out as the primary financial tool driving fiscally responsible promotional decisions.  Improved incremental contribution by $9.5MM
Developed an Incremental Funding Process that balanced strategic trade investment objectives with fair and equitable allocation of funding resulting in $8MM in efficiencies
Created a transition plan from a fixed historical-based funding process to a live accrual-based investment environment


Sr. Category Development Manager, June 2001 – December 2003

Category analytics responsibility for a $350 million US Drug revenue business unit




Led category leadership initiatives through major retailers combining loyalty marketing, demand indexing, and targeted consumer offerings






Created the Resource Allocation Process aimed at effectively optimizing human and financial capital supporting national accounts.  HR and financial architecture implemented to maximize incremental impact to revenue and


profit performance through a combination of process definition, vested-party interviews, coalition building and senior executive approval

Key team member of the OTC Shopper Study and NACDS Rx-to-OTC committees


Initiated the Strategic Information Dissemination project, a communication strategy that sets the standard for accessibility of value-added select OTC information.  Comprised of a knowledge repository covering category development, market research and sales intelligence


Provided the executive committee with concise and forward-thinking consumption reviews accompanied by strategy focused executive summaries

In recognition of these achievements, for the second time received the prestigious President’s Gold Cup recognizing outstanding personal performance and was promoted to lead Wyeth shopper marketing






Business Development Manager, October 1999 – May 2001

Headquarter responsibility for $70 million Rite Aid business unit
Immediately undertook an intensive review of our approach to the customer, creating a strategic plan to effectively manage all points of contact between Wyeth and the trade
Charged with generating short and long-term strategic account planning, providing the basis for a 22% increase in consumption during my tenure
Utilized an Account Specific Brand Sales Objective approach to increase market share across each of the major brands in portfolio, surpassing full year share achievement versus key benchmarks
Initiated an ABC costing study as the basis for securing the most profitable impulse-mix at retail registers, tripling annual ChapStick volume from $2.5MM to $7.5MM in year 1
Managed a collaborative team approach, coordinating a concerted effort across consumer marketing, trade marketing, customer service, sales support and category management

President’s Gold Cup recipient for outstanding personal performance


L’Oreal SA; L’Oreal Retail Division (October 1991 – September 1999)

A $15 Billion/year international manufacturer of Consumer Beauty Products


National Account Manager, March 1997 – September 1999

Headquarter responsibility for all geographical areas under $34 million Rite Aid unit
Key figure in merchandising negotiations, leveraging total basket consumer profit contribution resulting in 36,012 increase in facings
Consumption focused effort resulted in an immediate impact on consumer sales, up 27% during my tenure, three times the division average
Received formal notoriety from the Senior Vice President of Sales, with my consumption strategy presented as the model for National Account management; In recognition of these achievements, was promoted to National Account Manager in January 1999


District Manager, Key Accounts, January 1994 – February 1997

Territory Manager, October 1991 – December 1993 


Educational Background


University of Pittsburgh, MBA


University of Iowa, B.B.A - Marketing


  • Senior level executive
  • Sales oriented
  • Capability to interpret financial statements
  • Highest level of integrity and character
  • Superior organization and time management skills
  • ​Strong work ethic
  • Prior demonstrated work experience and success
  • ​Creative thinking
  • Strong communication and writing skills
  • ​Flexibility in a dynamic environment
  • Able to thrive in a success fee environment
  • College degree required.  MBA a plus.

Neri Capital Partners is committed to a rigorous, selective evaluation process to determine whether you are right for the Neri Capital's Team and whether we are right for you.  Our expectations are extremely high. Accordingly, we will your reward you for performance. The ideal candidate: ​


           Eric Togneri, President & Managing Partner

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Neri Capital Partners

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A Rewarding Career with Neri Capital Partners

Neri Capital Partners provides a week-long intensive training program for new principals that join the firm.  The training program is designed to prepare a new employees to begin working on transactions as quickly as possible.  Training includes:

Neri Capital Partners is seeking seasoned professionals to join an established investment banking and advisory firm that represents Buyers and Sellers who owned micro-cap and lower mid-market companies.  Neri Capital's focus are businesses with revenues from $5 to $70 million annually.. 

A career with Neri Capital focuses on providing professionals with an opportunity for long-term growth in a dynamic, exciting and rewarding environment.  The firm offers a strong combination of transaction experience, strategic thinking and market expertise, and delivers innovative solutions to both Buyers and Sellers.

Neri Capital's team-oriented, entrepreneurial culture provides you with the training and mentoring in building a solid foundation of knowledge required to represent Buyers and Sellers of businesses in a variety of market sectors.  Our goal is to provide professionals with the richest expertise, structure and proven process possible.  In turn, we are looking for a select group of individuals who see a rewarding career  The hours will often be long, the work will be challenging, but the experience will be rewarding.

If you are interested in exploring a career in investment banking please connect here or call 1-800-216-4819 x701 or x702

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