Neri Capital Partners is committed in maintaining the security and confidentiality of all information, practices, and procedures learned during the course of doing business with our Clients.  Information shared with Neri Capital Partners is considered to be confidential from the initial contact into perpetuity.  Received Confidential Information will be kept, to the fullest extent possible, and will not be shared with any other person(s) outside of Neri Capital Partners, unless a Third Party has executed Neri Capital Partners' Confidentiality Agreement, and has been vetted as having the financial capability to consummate the contemplated transaction that he, she as an individual or the Company they represent.

Confidentiality Agreement between Neri Capital Partners and Buyer / Investor:  Purpose:  Obtaining Seller's Infomation

Neri Capital Partners' Confidentiality Policy


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Confidentiality Agreement between Neri Capital Partners and Client:  Purpose:  Pre-engagement  NCP / Client

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The Importance of Confidentiality

The reasons to maintain confidentiality within your own business should be immediately apparent. Rumors of a sale or acquisition can cause unease and instability among management and employees. They seek other employment opportunities, or disengage if they feel the future of the company, and their own role is uncertain. Neri Capital Partners address this belief by entering into a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement with all potential clients at the beginning of discussions, thus ensuring that any information provided to us is subject to the highest levels of confidentiality. During the sale process, we maintain confidentiality by conducting meetings off-site and by adhering to the client’s wishes about how to contact them, and where and how to send them information. Having a trusted advisor helps keep a sale or acquisition confidential by maintaining some separation between the workings of the transaction and the ongoing day to day operations of the business. With Neri Capital, not only do you have a confidential space to hold meetings, conference calls, and planning sessions, you are able to continue devoting your time and energy to the daily task of running your business effectively.

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Confidentiality Agreement between Neri Capital Partners and Client:  Purpose:  Business Valuation  NCP / Client

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