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National Sales, Marketing, Finance - Executive/Entrepreneur
CPG, Investment Banking, Sales, Category Management, Shopper Marketing/Insights,

Business Analytics, Trade Finance, Trade Promotion / Planning, Category Management, Business Valuations, Exit Planning


Eric Togneri is a corporate leader and micro-cap entrepreneur with a deep understanding of managing cross-functional commercialization efforts for Tier 1 consumer goods organizations.   His accomplishments are founded upon in-depth experience with leading CPG Shopper Marketing, National Sales, Trade Promotion, Trade Finance/Planning, Category Management, and Business Analytic teams.  The approach taken on behalf of L’Oréal, Wyeth (Pfizer), Chattem (Sanofi) and as the head of the investment banking firm, Neri Capital, is indicative of the creative,intra/entrepreneurial approach he brings to brand commercialization, in-market execution, and mergers&acquisitions.

Eric's background has provided four unique experiences that have shaped his approach to sales, marketing, and finance responsibilities:

  • L’Oreal: Representing the #1 Global Beauty Brand provided a depth of appreciation for the paramount importance of brand equity and leveraging the power of category leadership
  • Wyeth (Pfizer): With the most efficacious brands in the top categories where they compete, an understanding of how to leverage functional benefits contributing to categories and the shoppers/consumers they serve
  • Chattem  (Sanofi): The simplicity appreciated by consumers, shoppers and retailers in providing concise solutions to managing the value-propositions delivered
  • Neri Capital Partners:  The responsibility of founding and leading a boutique investment banking firm specializing in connecting private equity and high net worth individuals with private business owners through a personalized approach to business development

The quality of organizations served and the general management capability developed, provide a unique perspective affording Eric the ability to thrive in matrix environments.  This competency has been developed through the years spent as the counterpart to the CPG Executive functional leads, the CEO/CFO leaders of micro-cap companies, and the Financial Organizations that serve the privately held business market.  This makes Eric uniquely qualified to successfully navigate the development and execution of channel/retailer-specific strategic plans and complex business transactions.

Eric L. Togneri - CPG Director and Team Leader

Shopper Marketing, Category Management, National Sales, and Trade Promotion

Forging the Path to Shopper™

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