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Business owners are the heart and soul of their businesses, and most often are involved or have first-hand knowledge of almost every aspect of their organization.  But most business owners have never thought strategically about the next phase of their life when it becomes necessary to transfer their business to the next generation of ownership.

Neri Capital Partners over the last 12-years has assisted in excess of 75 micro-cap and lower mid-market business owners prepare for their inevitable exit from their life’s work.  Neri Capital recommends that five to ten years out from a normal planned retirement is ideal to develop an exit / transition plan. Ideally, the earlier the better. However, in general, it is never too late to create a plan.  Often after developing an exit and transition plan it can take years to fully execute.

Rationale why a business owner should have a well thought -out and prepared exit plan:

  • Flexibility – The earlier business owners begin planning their transition, the more options they have for a gradual transfer of Assets;
  • Protection - Advance planning makes a business less vulnerable in the event of an unexpected circumstance like sudden death or a debilitating accident;
  • Tax Minimization – A well-crafted transition plan can reduce income estate, and gift taxes;
  • Higher Valuation – A sound transition plan signals stability and security to investors, which often increases the value they have created;
  • Peace of Mind – An owner’s family, employees, business partners, creditors and others can rest more easily when they know the business has a exit or succession plan.

Neri Capital Partners have assembled a group of experts that will serve as seasoned specialist as required in developing your exit plan. Neri Capital Partners  has Certified Exit Planner on-staff to confidentiality assist you in developing your customize exit plan.  Call or email Eric Togneri (800) 216-4819 x702 or  

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