Energy Production Serv. Co.



   Medical Clinics

Convenience Store Chains



The Technology and Services market relates to the research, development and / or distribution of technologically based goods and services.  This sector contain businesses revolving around the manufacturing of electronic, creation of software, computers or products and services relating to ​information technology.  Neri Capital Partners focuses on the following technology sectors.

Primary Metal Mfg.

Information Technology

For  Profit Education

Human Capital

Neri Capital is qualified and experienced in the Following Market Sectors


Environmental Service Companies

          Dental Clinics



2. Healthcare

4. Transportation


Consumer Products Mfg.

Trucking Services

Assisted Living Facilities

1.  Industrials

3. Energy

Wind Turbine Mfg. & Services

 Food Processing

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Rubber and Plastics

Consumer Product Distribution.

Consumer Product Distribution.

Technology System Components Companies

Specialty Chemicals Mfg.


   Life Sciences

Logistical Services

5. Consumer Products

Medical Device Mfg.



Marketing & Advertising Firms

The Transportation and Services Market Sector is related to companies in the transportation industry, including all companies who provide services to support the trucking, railroad or airline market sectors.  This sector also includes companies who develop and maintain the nation's infrastructure.  Neri Capital Partners focuses on the following transportation sectors.

Neri Capital Partners



Communications Services

Railroad Services

Medical Device Mfg.

Sector Focus

Energy Service Co.



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Infrastructure - water, wastewater, 

Rubber & Plastic Mfg.

The Energy Market Sector includes companies that are producing or supplying energy.  These companies are involved in the production of oil or gas or providing alternative energy such as wind turbine and solar energy.  Neri Capital Partners focuses on the following energy sectors.

The Consumer and Retail market sector relates to companies engaged in the production of automobiles, homebuilding, household goods, textiles, and apparel, as well as hotels, casinos, and other entertainment operations and services. Neri Capital Partners focuses on the following consumer sectors.

The Industrial market sector relates to companies that manufacturer aerospace and defense, industry tools, lumber, construction, lumber production, construction, cement and metal fabrication products.  Neri Capital Partners focuses on the following industrial sectors.

 Transportation & Services

Aircraft Maintenance (MRO)

Avionic Sales and Services

Pharma Services


Machined Products Mfg.


Sector Focus

Financial Technology

Electrical Equipment

Atlanta, Georgia

An Investment Bank and Advisory Firm

The Healthcare Market Sector relates to all healthcare goods and services. Specifically, this market sector includes hospital management firms, healthcare maintenance organizations, dental and medical practices, biotechnology, and a variety of medical products manufacturers. Neri Capital Partners focuses on the following healthcare sectors.

 Consumer & Retail

Neri Capital Partners is sector agnostic, but has a focus for the above market sectors.  Below are details within each market sector:

Highway & Bridges, 

Solar Panel Mfg. & Services

6. Technology

 Wood Products Mfg.

Information Services