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Key Steps in the Sellers Representation Process.

  • Execute a Non-Disclosure  / Confidentiality Agreement between Neri Capital / Seller. Click below to review. Neri Capital Partners' NDA/CA;;
  • Identify Seller's objectives and agree on best way to market business;
  • Gather quantitative and qualitative information provided by Seller,
  • Complete and review the business valuation with Seller.  Agree on price range for business;
  • Execute an Engagement Agreement with the client;.
  • Seller completes Neri Capital Partners' indepth Questionnaire; 
  • Neri Capital develops an Information Memorandum, Teaser Sheet, and Seller's Presentation;
  • Post business  opportunity on IntraLinks, Axial Markets, Deal Cloud, DealStream, etc.;
  • Respond to inquiries and qualify investors / buyers;
  • Coordinate conference calls, site visit with Seller / Buyer;
  • Form Deal Team: Transaction Attorney, Trust & Tax Attorneys; Wealth Manager;
  • Negotiate Letter of Intent with Seller and Seller's Counsel;
  • Negotiate Definitive Purchase Agreements with Seller and Seller's Counsel;
  • Transaction Closes.

Neri Capital Partners will engage with a business owner / shareholder(s) to sell a minority,  majority or one-hundred percent of client's business to the next generation of ownership.  Our transaction process is customized to efficiently meet their objectives.  The steps in the transaction process are discussed and agreed to with the client before an Engagement Agreement is executed. 

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Seller Representations