About Neri Capital Partners

Neri Capital Partners was founded in 2006 with headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. Our firm is an investment bank for family owned and privately held small and midsize businesses with a strong history and clear path to growth. Neri Capital provides merger, acquisition and related advisory services. 

Neri Capital has earned a reputation of providing clients with impartial advice and in-depth transactional expertise that takes place in an environment of absolute confidentiality.

Neri Capital Partners’ entrepreneurial and transactional experience and expertise has positioned the firm as uniquely qualified to offer advisory services for business owners to successfully Determine, Build and then Realize the value they have created. Regardless of where our clients are in their business life cycle, Neri Capital services are designed to add value to liquidity. Primary service offerings include:

  • Sell-side and Buy-side Advisory
  • Business Valuations
  • Business Searches
  • Raising Debt / Equity
  • Exit Planning

Neri Capital Partners is sector agnostic and has more than 14-years of extensive experience across multiple market sectors. The Neri Capital Team is comprised of a staff of professionals with individual expertise in the following market sectors: Aerospace, Consumer, Technology, Industrials, Healthcare, Energy, Real Estate, and Telecom. Since inception, Neri Capital Partners has achieved exceptional results for our clients by closing over 165+ transactions.

Neri Capital Partners maintains a fiduciary relationship with clients. Our firm operates with the highest ethical standards that are delivered by an experienced transactional advisory team with demonstrated success.Since Neri Capital Partners is a fiduciary, we maintain a fundamental obligation to always make recommendations in the best interest of our clients. Our entire staff maintains a belief that we owe a duty of undivided loyalty and the utmost good faith.

Specializing in Mergers & Acquisitions: 
Sell-side & Buy-Side Representations, Business Valuations, Exit Planning, Raising Debt / Equity


$1.0 to $10.0 million in EBITDA


United States


Agnostic, with preference to Aerospace, Consumer, Technology, Industrials, Healthcare, Transportation, Energy, Telecom and Media

Transparency - Independence - Accountability

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