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Valuation 101: What is a Business Valuation, and Why is it Important?

A business valuation is a critical tool for succession planning, whether you’re hoping to sell or looking forward to retirement.

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Tips for Hiring an Investment Banker to Sell Your Company

Making the decision to sell your business can feel like the highest professional hurdle you must clear. The truth is that the work is just beginning.

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Small Business Saturday

Small businesses, or those with less than 500 employees, now comprise 99% of all U.S. employer firms. Over 23 million strong, small businesses is a sector of our economy that continues to grow rapidly.

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The Numbers Game

This is the golden age of entrepreneurship. From a college dropout with a brilliant business idea, to an excellent home baker starting an online bakery, entrepreneurs in the new millennium are changing the tides of traditional businesses.

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Healthy Business Practices for Entrepreneurs

Starting your own business can be like having a baby — a very important life decision that might not always be a rational one. 9 months into your 9-5 insipid job and you might decide to take the proverbial exit from the freeway, onto the smaller more challenging road less travelled.

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6 Alternate Ways to Finance Small Businesses

As an Entrepreneur, building a successful business hinges just as much on your core business idea as it does on your ability to raise enough capital. Obtaining a business loan is challenging but finding a venture capitalist who is interested in your idea, even harder.

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Preparing for the Future

Preparing for the future is as much about identifying market trends and understanding your customer base as it is about knowing where you’ve been. Healthy growth requires experience and a fundamental understanding of the nuances of your business.

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There’s No Time Like the Present

I’ll figure it out when I’m ready to retire, which is the day after never …. That is the response we get from small business owners when we ask how much their business is worth.

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The Future Might Not Be All That Uncertain

If you are like most small business owners, you find it difficult to plan because your future has more unknowns than your non-business-owning counterparts. You might not know how much your business is worth, when you should sell, where to find the right buyer, how to fetch the best price, or even how much insurance to carry.

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Knowing the true value of your business is critical to proper business planning and achieving personal goals. Through our valuation process, we can help answer the questions that will lead you to make informed decisions for your future... Let us show you how!

why business valuation is the biggest data

Over 200 Million businesses are currently in operation globally.
Less than 2% of these businesses value
themselves annually.
Yet, 100 Million Businesses operate underinsured or underfinanced.
Before BizEquity, the typical cost of a business valuation was $8,000.
of businesses are undercapitalized.
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