Exit planning

Neri Capital Partners has certified exit planners on staff with the expertise and experience to develop a definitive exit plan for business owners of privately held businesses. Our firm’s objective is to provide the owner(s) with an exit strategy to meet their personal and family needs, maximize the business value, and minimize the taxes paid when selling their business to the next generation of ownership.

Business owners that prepare an Exit Plan will maximize the business value and minimize taxes.

Neri Capital Partners exit planner will provide the expertise in the drafting the clients exit plan. However, where appropriate, we will recommend additional advisors such as, tax and trust attorneys, and a wealth Advisor.

When the exit plan is completed, the document will contain a definitive process that will be implemented over time. Typically, the contents will include the following:

  • Identify business owner objectives
  • Collect Quantitative & Qualitative information
  • Complete a comprehensive Business Valuation
  • Recommend Value Building Initiatives
  • Generate work product that allows business owner to make informed decision and implementation path.

Steps in the exit planning process

Rationale why a business owner should have a well thought-out and prepared exit plan:

  • Flexibility – The earlier business owners begin planning their transition, the more options they have for a gradual transfer of Assets
  • Protection - Advance planning makes a business less vulnerable in the event of an unexpected circumstance like sudden death or a debilitating accident
  • Tax Minimization – A well-crafted transition plan can reduce income estate, and gift taxes
  • Higher Valuation – A sound transition plan signals stability and security to investors, which often increases the value they have created
  • Peace of Mind – An owner’s family, employees, business partners, creditors and others can rest more easily when they know the business has a exit or succession plan

Neri Capital Partners have assembled a group of experts that will serve as seasoned specialist as required in developing your exit plan. Neri Capital Partners has a Certified Exit Planner on-staff to confidentially assist you in developing your customized exit plan. Call Eric Togneri at (800) 216-4819 x702 or connect with him via email at etogneri@nericap.com today.