Buy-Side Business Search

Neri Capital Partners provide Buy-side Business Search services to High Net Worth Individuals, Corporations and Private Equity Firms. Neri Capital Partners has developed a process to identify businesses that are not on the public market and has agreed to sell their business to our client, on an exclusive basis.

A proven process to acquire the ideal business.

Neri Capital Partners has developed a buy-side business search process to offer potential Buyers to acquire a business that meets their specifications. Neri Capital Partners proven process will identify the business that meets our client’s specifications. Also, the businesses that we identify for you are not on the public market.

Using a database, we select all businesses that meet our client’s specifications, including geographic location. With the seller’s prospect list complete, Neri Capital Partners contacts each potential Seller. If the Seller is interested in learning more, Neri Capital Partners execute a confidentiality agreement with the seller and requests qualitative and quantitative information. With the Seller’s information, we write and an executive summary for our client. The executive summary has adequate information for our client to make a go/no go decision. If it is a go decision the Buyer and Neri Capital Partners meet with the seller and their management team, draft a LOI, and coordinate all due diligence information. If asked by Buyer, Neri Capital Partners will retain counsel to draft and negotiate the definitive purchase agreement with Buyer and Buyer Counsel. The buy-side business search process takes 7-9 months.

Advantages of Neri Capital Partners’ Buy-side Business Search

  • Saving our clients countless hours and resources by only pursing potential seller targets that have been vetted and pre-screened.
  • Having an exclusive negotiating position with seller since Neri Capital Partners will present client businesses that are not on the public market.
  • Prepare an executive summary that give you a through “snap-shot” of the business historical financials, management team resumes, marketing plan and strategies, comprehensive business valuation for seller’s business, etc.
  • Having an entrepreneurial experienced transaction advisor educating and preparing the seller on the transaction process.
  • Recommending with your approval, a transaction attorney to represent you with drafting and negotiating the LOI and Definitive Purchase Agreement
  • Quickly developing a trust relationship with seller, since Neri Capital Partners’ Principals are also entrepreneurs that has founded, built, and exited their own business.

Buy-Side Business Search Task Process

(Six Weeks)

  • Client provides quantitative & qualitative info on self/business.
  • NCP compiles list of businesses that meets client’s specifications; Client approves list.
  • Client provides search specifications to NCP.
  • NCP write letter to each potential seller. Content: identify client, client’s background/experience/qualifications.
  • Follow-up each letter with phone call to sellers.

The Sales Process
(Fourteen Weeks)

  • If seller interested: Discuss transaction process, execute NDA, request quantitative & qualitative information from seller.
  • NCP prepares comprehensive executive summary for client, including a business valuation.
  • Client decides go / no go based on executive summary information
  • If go: Coordinate conference call and site visits
  • Decide on Deal Structure & assist drafting & negotiating LOI

Closing the Deal
(Twelve Weeks)

  • Coordinate client due diligence document requests from seller.
  • Client finalizes acquisition financing
  • Client’s counsel drafts Definitive Purchase Agreement
  • Client negotiates Definitive Purchase Agreement with seller
  • Transaction Closes