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Every business needs to answer a fundamental question...
What is my Business Worth?

Neri Capital Partners’ valuation tool utilizes patented algorithms that continuously analyzes and calculate market sector specific information gathered from 24 Big Business Data Sources.

Top Reasons You Should Have a Business Valuation

  • Confirming you are adequately insured for life and business risks.
  • Seeking to acquire a business.
  • Divorce
  • Section 308a allocations
  • Estate and/or trust planning.
  • Planning to exit your business.
  • Fair value accounting adjustments.
  • Partnership buy-in or disputes.
  • Attracting top caliber talent.
  • Seeking operating or expansion

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Knowing the true value of your business is critical to proper business planning and achieving personal goals. Through our business valuation process, we can help answer the questions that will lead you to make informed decisions for your future...

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You will learn why Neri Capital Partners valuations are market accurate, reasons why every business should complete a comprehensive business valuation, and the importance of our valuation deliverables in growing and monitoring your business annually.

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